Copy of Sportsman Series 383 (1).jpg


-MSD Pro Billet Distributor and Crank Trigger

-Moroso Ultra 40 Spark Plug Wires w/ Heat Sleeves

-SFI Dampner

-Moroso Vacuum Pump Kit

-Driven Break In Oil and Wix Racing Oil Filter

-NGK Spark Plugs


Suggested Options:

-Jesel Shaft Rockers System                                                          -  $920

-Custom Tuned Siebert Performance Carburetor                        -  $700

-Siebert Performance Billet Aluminum Carburetor Spacer         -  $75

-CVR Billet Electric Water Pump                                                  -  $330

-East Coast Auto Gear Reduction Mini Starter                            -  $195

-TCI SFI Flexplate                                                                         -  $125