Winter Engine and Carburetor Rebuilds

Since the racing off-season is just around the corner we thought we would share a list of 5 benefits of having a Siebert Performance engine!  ONE: Quality brands at great prices!  We are direct with many industry leading companies which allows us to help you get quality parts at low prices.  TWO: Knowledge.  Having a wide range of experience with street cars and multiple forms of racing, we can help you with your whole drivetrain combination allowing you to get most out of your vehicle.  THREE: Power by design.  We use proper techniques, Sunnen machining equipment, and regularly calibrated tooling, to achieve maximum piston ring and valve seal.  Also, our superior parts selection garners the most power for your combination.  FOUR: Tuning ability.  We are well known for our ability to build and tune performance carburetors and have years of racing and dyno experience.  We know what your engine will need to perform its best.  FIVE: Customer service.  We pride ourselves on being accessible to help customers outside of our normal shop hours.  Luke regularly attends and participates in various racing events, car shows, and cruise nights across the region.